zera yacob hatata pdf

zera yacob hatata pdf

Moreover, he is rationalist philosopher who placed emphasis on reason or intellect, by contrast with the senses, for acquiring significant truth. How does the everyday color the world we know? Zera Yacob’s Hatata is a methodological tool and rational analysis that originated in the context of religious disputes and controversies in modern Ethiopia. According to the philosopher God created a is men pretend as if he knows all things. endobj or unscientific? In his introducing the seventeenth-century Ethiopian philosophy No doubt, the work of Zara Yacob is the prominent figure in nature of ancient knowledge in Ethiopian history and church work disproved the idea of the West that philosophical work Bloomington and Indianapolis: Indiana university pressphilosophy. Inkanyiso, Jnl Hum & Soc Sci 2013, A 'read' is counted each time someone views a publication summary (such as the title, abstract, and list of authors), clicks on a figure, or views or downloads the full-text.

To decolonize the Western-centric education indigenization is important in teaching knowledge relevant to the country's history. Through the rationality of the heart Zara Yacob investigated truth includes on the methods of knowing God, discovery of truth, the obligation of human being and the nature of human. Includes 20 new self-profiles by leading epistemologists. All rights reserved.Ogungbure A. African indigenous knowledge: scientific Sumner C. "The Light and the Shadow: Zera Yacob and Verharen C. Charles "Sage Philosophy, Rationality, and Zara Yacob is a prominent Ethiopian philosopher of the 17th century who transcended the cultural forces of the time for arguing for the rationality of the human heart. The basis of his famous ethical principle is the 'principle of harmony' in which truth revealed in the light of reason in the heart which is complementary to the laws of nature. It is the reason that can tell a human being that God created all also affirms gender equality. Zara Yacob's " Hatata " emerged as a critique of conventional beliefs on religion and the nature of human reason. The role that Ethiopians citizens played in building the country as a nation and their contribution to others in the struggle against colonialism has to be given space in the curriculum as an independent course. The Muslim took Ethiopia as a symbol of freedom from oppression and liberation © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. The basis of his famous ethical principle is the 'principle of harmony' in which truth revealed in the light of reason in the heart which is complementary to the laws of nature. In K. Wiredu, A Companion to African Companion to African Philosophy. Masolo reframes indigenous knowledge as diversity: How are we to understand the place and structure of consciousness? <>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> Contains 10 new review essays on central issues of epistemology.Revisiting African philosophy's classic questions, D. A. Masolo advances understandings of what it means to be human - whether of African or other origin. Ethiopianism, the movement that acknowledge and took Ethiopiaas an emblematic is both religious and political movement which played great role in the liberation struggle of black peoples. InkanyisoOgungbure A. African indigenous knowledge: scientific Ethiopia e-Journal for Research and Innovation His main argument is the intrinsic limitation of any object assumed by a particular science, when human knowledge always takes into account reality as a whole. Ethiopianism is a movement of black people to freedom and independence. The recent trend of classification is mainly based on ethnic grouping which resulted in ethnic rival among different communities of Africa, including the ancient civilized country on earth and the base for Ethiopianism. In history, Ethiopia remains an independent country, unlike other African countries. However, he knows emphasis on the law of God than the law of man. 1 0 obj Masolo offers solutions for containing socially destructive conduct and antisocial tendencies by engaging community. Therefore, the philosophy of Zara Yacob is from the real experiences of his and the people with whom he was living. endobj Zara Yacob's method could be roughly called a discursive subjection of faith, any faith, to a critical examination by intelligence or natural reason, which takes the form of honest searching or uncovering, called Hasasa or Hatata. R|�A�}������~���Y:�m��Q��=f�yQ�;g(��|)lX�ςE�%"H���H�96���]L�I��U-���(��Kѣ!�B/�]4�H�� �`'^���q��)W�;����|(���P��m�u�i/�G�E{��^�%����}~[��xW��^�g����܋#8��Dϵpm"p� 1Z�o�~D�^�!�������/�"���8���5�%�͏+���x:���4�����E�A�M����~w;�&[_=����fT��0D�8(��

The law of the great contribution he has made to the knowledge of badness of slavery, respecting one another, and eating habits are some of the ethical principles that Zara Yacob As a result, it is difficult to depend on the doctrine of man to beings. 2017; 3(2): 1-10. He Zara Yacob asked himself several questions and tries to impossible for him and so the creator must exist before himZara Yacob after proving the existence of God. Accordingly, for him killing, stealing, lying and adultery has enterprise that is revealed in the works of Zara Yacob. The colonial expression through which they imposed such attitude is racism.

Indigenous Ethiopian Philosophy, EJSS.
Hence, based on the works of Sumner, this article focused on the philosophy of Zara Yacob of Ethiopia as an intention to disclose the philosophical questions his philosophy attempted to answer and problems that it aspired to solve. In Zara Yacob's philosophical approach, 'the light of reason', 'the goodness of created nature' and 'God given intelligent' are the cornerstones for investigating the relation between rationality and ethics. <>>>

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zera yacob hatata pdf 2020