Worst NHL record to make playoffs

Worst NHL record to make playoffs

The Leafs drew Montreal in the semifinals and somehow took the first two games at the Montreal Forum. An aging Jean Beliveau decided he didn't want to end his career like that and stuck it out for one more season.The Habs finished with 97 points, which was respectable, but paled in comparison to the Bruins, who snatched 121 points, along with a season goal differential of +192.All of a sudden, rookie goaltender Ken Dryden came out of nowhere, and helped the Habs knock off the big bad Bruins in the opening round. The Leafs would fall to the Wings, 4-2, in the Division Semi-Finals.
Those Maple Leafs finished 41 points back of the Norris winning Detroit Red Wings. 8-seeded Kings 4-1.

They won two Games 7 en route to the Final but ended up giving the Blackhawks the second Stanley Cup of their cap-era dynasty in a six-game loss.The Sharks have had better teams, but none advanced to the Stanley Cup Final.
The Flames managed to knock off the dominant Edmonton Oilers in a grueling seven-game series thanks to Steve Smith scoring in his own net.It's highly doubtful the Habs, who only recorded 87 points that season, would have been able to stop the Oilers in the Cup Final.When looking at the Penguins teams of the early 90s, you might have thought that they were teams that ran roughshod over their opponents during the regular season, but that wasn't the case. Heck, back in the “Original Six” days, 80% of the league was getting in.

Finally, the Kings took out a very strong Leafs team, and the Kings came off a grueling seven-game series as well.Fortune was definitely on the Habs' side for this Cup run, but hey, anybody would take that.In the interest of historical balance, we're going to be going way back to the original six era for some of our choices. It changed the draft lottery rules ahead of Connor McDavid's eligibility to go first overall in 2016, reducing the probability for tanking teams to secure the No. Hockey fans and pundits always love to say that the Stanley Cup is the hardest trophy in sports to win, and I tend to agree with that statement. However, they went 28-33-3 the rest of the way to make things very interesting in the West (they missed the playoffs by 11 points but had as many wins as playoff bound San Jose). It's hard to decide who should make a list of the 15 worst … The Sabres players weren't happy. The 1981 Kansas City Royals went 50-53 and made the playoffs.

But these Cup winners from the 2013-14 campaign were legit: dominant in possession (56.82 Corsi for percentage), the best defensive team in the NHL and with a roster that added The 2008-09 Penguins were the best of Pittsburgh's The eventual decimation of this assemblage of talent is one of the true tragedies of the salary-cap era.

Well, here’s a not so fantastic four.Finishing second in the Smythe Division, Vancouver posted a ledger of 25-42-13 (63 points).

Sure, they still had Bob Gainey and Larry Robinson, and had also seen new stars emerge like Mats Naslund, Guy Carbonneau and Chris Chelios, but this team needed some lucky breaks to take home the Stanley Cup.First of all, a former third round pick named Patrick Roy came out of nowhere, and went on the run of his life in the 1986 playoffs.Where people say the Habs really got lucky was what happened on the other side of the playoff bracket. Bolded years indicate wins.Years in italics indicate series in progress. Somehow the Leafs upset the top-seeded Blackhawks, then defeated the Canadiens in six games to win their 13th Stanley Cup.As we know, that was their last one, but it sure was a shocking one. It's highly doubtful this team would have beaten the 2005-06 Red Wings if the Oilers hadn't knocked them off.The 1985-86 Habs still had several pieces from their Stanley Cup runs of the 70s, but by this point, the Habs' dominance over the NHL was over. This really was an era where you couldn't count any team out come playoff time.I was torn whether to put this Carolina team on the list, because when you look back at the roster, they were pretty solid all the way through. The 48-game regular season (caused by a lockout) opened the door for unusual suspects to squeak into the playoffs and perhaps the Devils simply hadn't found their stride during the season. It was a particularly awful division, which saw the leading Chicago Black Hawks run up a 29-36-15 (73 points) record. They finished 10 points behind the Central Division winners, the Dallas Stars.It seemed like a showdown between the Stars and the Avalanche was inevitable, but the Stars were upset by the Oilers. After overcoming a 2-0 series deficit against Quebec, they avoided a second round matchup with the Bruins, who had their number in previous years. They had a goal differential of minus-102, traded away players such as No team in the salary-cap era had a more pathetic goal differential than these Sabres, at minus-113. Playoffs; Current rating Team Conference Full-strength rating Proj. Just how awful, you ask? This list does not include the two teams that made the This is a list of the teams and the number of seasons since they have won the Stanley Cup.

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Worst NHL record to make playoffs 2020